The neighborhood "Satul German" REVOLUTIONIZES the real estate market in the Republic of Moldova. Veaceslav Ioniță: "A genuine real estate market is now being born in Chisinau"

The municipality of Chisinau, the only city in the Republic of Moldova with a growing number of inhabitants, will inevitably expand in the next period and absorb part of the suburbs, such as Codru, Băcioi, Durlești or Stăuceni. Economist Veaceslav Ioniță shares this opinion.

According to him, a real real estate market is now being born in Chisinau, and an important role in this real estate revolution is played by the developers who build locality-type neighborhoods, with all the necessary infrastructure included. "Eager to develop these neighborhoods, some developers are now building the necessary public infrastructure themselves. This means roads, public transport, schools", emphasized Ioniță in an interview for the magazine Business Class.

He brought as an example the "German Village", the neighborhood for about 5,000 people which is being built from scratch, on Dacia Boulevard, at the exit from the capital, and which will have all the necessary infrastructure: school, kindergarten, hospital, shopping center , fitness center, recreation park, and even a business center and hotel.

Ioniță believes that the municipality should take from the shoulders of the developers of such projects a part of the infrastructure construction expenses, which solves a serious problem related to the large flow of new residents.

"In addition to private investment, public investment in infrastructure of at least 10% of the project cost must also come here. By the way, local authorities receive real estate tax and personal income tax. The municipality of Chisinau currently has a budget of seven billion lei, including due to internal migration and the fact that people from the villages come to Chisinau and contribute to the formation of the budget. This money must be directed to improving their lives", believes Ioniță.

We remind you that the "German Village", considered one of the most attractive and safe investments on the real estate market in Chisinau, is the largest real estate project built from scratch in the last 30 years. The neighborhood, which will include 38 residential blocks with up to 6 floors and 800 villas, will have all the infrastructure necessary for a modern town and will be similar to a modern small town in a suburb of the big cities of the West. It will also be the only district in the republic with a rich network of cycling tracks built, likewise, from scratch. The first stage of the project will be put into operation next year, in 2024. For now, it is the only project of this type and of such scope in Chisinau.