In a world where lack of time is one of the main problems, we have created a small town where you have everything at your hand, right next to the block: school, kindergarten, hospital, fitness center and business center.

Getting to the office in the morning, in a city like Chisinau, is often a real challenge. Imagine how good it would be to stop wasting hours in traffic jams and have your office right next to your home.

We thought about it while creating the German Village.

We calculated that by working near the house, you gain at least 4 hours of free time per day: 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Minus stress on the road, minus extra expenses for fueling the car, plus time for sports and family. You leave the office, pick up the kids from school, kindergarten and go home. 


  • Modern and secure development environment
  • Capacity over 300 children
  • Own infrastructure, playgrounds
  • Saline room, pool and many others.


  • The newest teaching methodologies
  • Capacity over 1000 students
  • Classes with a sports and artistic profile
  • Classical curriculum and optional classes


  • Multifunctional, stationary and emergency center
  • The latest equipment and facilities
  • High quality medical services
  • International standards

Business Center

  • Successful businesses and careers
  • Capacity of 850 residents
  • Ample parking
  • Event center, restaurant etc.

Gas station

  • Classic gas station
  • Charging station for electric cars
  • Cafe, rest area
  • Car wash

Rest area

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Market for fairs and events
  • Fountains, rest areas
  • Green spaces, parks

Fitness center

  • The largest fitness center in Moldova
  • 2 semi-olympic pools
  • Fitness area, SPA, massage, Aqua area
  • Saline room, jacuzzi and Relax area

Tennis club

  • The best performing tennis club in the country
  • Designed for professionals and amateurs
  • Capacity over 300 seats in the stands
  • 12 clay tents, 6 with hard surface


  • The first hotel with a sports theme
  • Part of the French group ACCOR
  • Closest to the Airport
  • Capacity of 95 rooms, conference center, restaurant etc.

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